Working on it

To be brutally honest, I am embarrassed about my involvement in politics. I don’t know why, but it is something that never really interested me, and because of this, I feel very uneducated on the subject. I have a fairly interesting background on the subject. My immediate family is conservative, but my extended family is liberal. Because of this disagreement amongst the Lapides clan, we don’t really talk about politics while shoveling turkey and stuffing into our mouths on Thanksgiving. Another reason why my political situation is interesting is due to the varying opinions of my peers throughout my life. I went to a very liberal small private school in the suburbs of Boston, where it was rare to find a republican. Now, at Bucknell I find myself surrounded by many kids who are strongly opinionated conservatives. I have always found myself more conservative than liberal, but I do not have particularly strong opinions either way.


After taking the “shortest quiz”, I scored as a Libertarian. For me, this is an interesting result. I don’t disagree with this assessment; I just had never really thought about being a libertarian. I do agree with a lot of what the definition of a libertarian says. I agree that individual responsibility should be stressed, and that the free market should be supported. I found this exercise to be very helpful as I try to become more interested and aware of the political world. 


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