Blog 8- Write about an Organization

With the advice of last week’s blog council (Thanks Brain, Meghan, Lindsey), this week’s post is the chance to learn more about a company or organization (government or society) that you might use for paper 2.  This can be any organization, but one that is worthwhile for being an inspiring or anti-inspiring example is best.  We are looking for you to use good information literacy skills too bot h in what information you find, and in letting readers know what those sources were.

You are not obligated to use this organization as your case study for paper 2.  But you are welcome to.  Also, you may bring us up to speed on any of the previous organizations we have read about (from Apple to Z… there is no Z, but Wal-Mart is close).

To help get the ball rolling, some lists of notable companies are below.  Only suggestions…


Time’s top 10 scandals.

Interesting People

High Achievers:  Forbes  magazine list of “30 under 30.”  Lots of sectors.  Actual lists may be thin on detail requiring some additional poking around.

Young Entrepreneurs “Meet the Change Foundation.”  List of young entrepreneurs in Fast Company.

Creatives: “100 Creative People in Business” also from Fast Company.

Geniuses:2011 MacArthur Fellows– people who are granted $1,000,000 each for being brilliant in their chosen field.  These are the so-called “genius” awards.  You can pick any year.

Visionaries:People who are doing on the ground work to make real, meaningful social change who have met the Ashoka Foundation’s rigorous criteria for social entrepreneurship.  You can search by many criteria- geography, kind of work, year elected and so on.

Millenials: The 2011 “Do Something” award winners and finalists (focused on community service and social change)

Fast Company (magazine)

Fast Company (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Various green or environmentally-oriented lists:

Aspen Institute’s First Movers Fellows.  Any Year is fine.

Global 100  Forbes’ Article on this.

Rocky Mountain Institute Reinventing Fire “Champions”

Newsweek’s Top Green Companies business and technology section


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