Success First- Post 8 Prompt

The Blog Council (Ariel, Nicola, and Alexis) were discussing the success.  Rather than focus on problematic companies or organizations, or parts of them, or on good intentions not yet realized, each of us should describe something successful- something that has a proven track record (even if a recent one).

We thought it would be helpful to break this down into one of the following categories which maybe useful for either paper 2 or your final paper (but you are not required to tie this post to those papers).

These are

  1. Successful Products
  2. Successful Strategies
  3. Success Policies

The first two choices tie into paper 2 perhaps more strongly and the final one the white paper.

We also encourage people to use the various research resources we have looked at in class:

* Global Issues in Context DB

* Internet archive (

* Cited reference search

* Legal Databases (Westlaw, Case)

* Lexis-Nexis

* Bucknell Catalog

Some examples I thought of.

Product: Toyota Prius, gore-tex, Nespresso machine, Java langugae

Strategy: Twitter “freemium” approach, wiki, crowdsourcing, innovation auction, going green, deregulation, disintermediation

Policy: Headstart, acid rain reduction, social security, the euro(?), the Marshall plan,
Just to giv eyou an idea


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