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ImageGoldman Sachs has traditionally been the epitome of a Wall Street investment bank. Though they have fallen under serious criticism in recent months, they still rank in the top 10 places to work. You may be wondering what this has to do with anything I am saying, but I believe that Goldman Sachs is succeeding as a firm and is a top 10 place to work, becasue of their HR strategies that are being used in positive ways to help better the company. Goldman offers it employees nearly everything, for example at their new headquarters in NYC, they have a gym, pharmacy, doctors office, day care, cafeteria, coffee shop, and many more events. Because Goldman employees do not have to leave work and travel an hour each way to various appointments and other places, Goldman employees are able to produce more business for the company. I think this is a critical attitude many companies need to begin adopting and that is: if your employees are happy, they will produce more. I think Goldman’s strategy of how it treats its employees is a key factor as to why GS is doing as well as it always does.


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  1. More and more it seems that companies are upping their strategies for attracting talented employees. Perks like the ones you mentioned, while they seem small, can make a difference when an job candidate is debating between multiple offers. This can work to the company’s advantage, I believe, because people feel more rewarded and the convenience of such amenities leads to less loss of employee time. Along with salary and job functions, corporate culture is a crucial factor in attracting talented employees and benefits outside of traditional bonuses and healthcare can go far in convincing people that their company is caring for them.

  2. Are all those benefits available for all employees? Would Milton object that it is money going to employees that should have gone to the “real” owners- the shareholders?

    • The benefits are available all employees including interns. I used a majority of them throughout the summer. I think this would go against Milton’s claims, because I think Goldman Sachs is trying to do something similar to SAS (see link….. and trying to make their employees happy because they believe it will only increase production which in turn will give higher return to shareholders.

  3. From the amenities you listed, I believe that Goldman is definitely taking steps towards a more hospitable work place. However, they do not provide employee’s with emotional and psychological support. One of the criticism’s of Goldman Sachs is that they overwork their employees. If there were therapeutic days, spa days, something in that realm, it would provide relief to employees who feel overworked or stressed and could make all the difference in their work performance.

    • This is a great idea Alexis. I’ve heard of a lot of companies hiring yoga instructors to come to office buildings and teach private classes for the employees. This gives the employees the opportunity to get some excercise and relieve some stress at the sam time.

  4. While I am happy to see that Goldman is taking steps to improve employee morale, I agree with Alexis. Especially in the finance industry, the hours worked by employees at banks like Goldman is not your typical 9-5 job. If a company is going to ask their employees to work consecutive 12 hour days, you have to provide amenities like day care in order for the job to be practical.

  5. I think that a huge part of Goldman’s employee happiness is due to the salaries they are making. It is great that they offer all the services you mentioned, but I highly doubt that many people have time to use them. Those that work at Goldman are very fortunate to have such generous paychecks and the money likely makes all the hours worth it. Not to say that being in investment banking is miserable or something, but I know that I wouldn’t mind working extreme hours if I knew that I was making a 6-digit salary at the end of the year.

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