Method of Success

Method is one of the fastest growing companies in America. Method is a maker of household cleaning products that are 100% natural and totally safe for humans (and pets!). The company wants “to make sure that every product we send out into the world is a little agent of environmental change, using safe and sustainable materials and manufactured responsibly.” Their bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic and use non-toxic, renewable ingredients. They also don’t test on animals, making them a completely “green” business.

In 2007, Method became a B corporation member, which aims to redefine success in business. Method has shown the world that cleaning doesn’t have to mean “bleachy” smells and toxic chemicals. We have learned to too many stories of the damaging effects of polluting chemicals and many other companies followed Method’s, well, method.

Method took trendy to a whole new level. Who knew that cleaning products could be cool? Method has been able to use their green branding to generate substantial profits. Consumer were somehow totally convinced that all-natural products could leave their home sparkly clean. Although there are many people today that still use heavy-duty cleaning chemicals, it is worthwhile to consider the hazardous chemicals entering our natural environment every time a new bottle is produced. Saving our environment and protecting future generations holds a much greater impact than seeking the “other” type of green–money.


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