Having heard a lot about apple in the past few weeks, I wanted to touch on a lesser discussed of tech giant; Oracle.  Oracle is a tech company founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison, which after IBM, and Microsoft is the third largest software maker by revenue in the world.  Oracle has made a strong name for itself in the database development, and cloud computing industries as well.

Oracles success can be attributed their companies competitive environment, and strategy.


First of all, Ellison has been aggressive about “getting business”, and has been known to do whatever necessary to show profits.  Mike Wilsons book, “The Difference Between God, and Larry Ellison,” states that near the end of the turn of the century, Oracle realized that their legal department was slowing the sales department due to their audits.  To assure sales remained high, management simply moved legal under the sales department, thus preventing conflictions.  While the ethics of behaviors such can be questionable, it is still visible that there is a  commitment to growth built into the companies fundamental beliefs.  A second cause of Oracles success is there head start on their main competitors in the relational database field.  IBM had internal conflicts in the 80’s when this concept was first being developed giving Oracle a significant step up in the market.  Finally, oracles attitude toward product development always focused on portability, over performance which differentiated it from its competitors.  In this they sacrificed some reliability to assure that system administrators, and application developers had one singular interface to work on.


Overall, I think Microsoft, and Apple get a lot of attention in the tech industry, but its good to remember the other successful companies hanging around in similar markets.

One response to “Oracle

  1. I know you said Oracle produces software, but what exactly have they made? I know the company’s name, but I’m not sure what their product lines are, if they produce anything at all. Are they a services-oriented company (like IBM) now? I’m also interested to know what a relational database is. Either way, their commitment to growth in commendable. Good post.

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