This is That Song

After I roamed around the wordpress blogosphere looking for unique and interesting blogs, I found out that wordpress has a lot to offer. I searched a wide variety of topics and categories. I became very intrigued by the category “Post A Day.” For those of you that don’t immediately know what “Post A Day” blogs are, I will explain. Post A Day blogs are blogs that offer a new post once a day everyday. Typically, postaday blogs feature a new photo, video, or some type of media everyday. I find this very interesting because I can count on a new interesting media post every day.

So, with all the blogs and categories out there, which blog did I choose to share with my audience?

The blog I chose to follow is titled “This is That Song,” and it features a new song/band everyday. Typically, the blog featuring new bands that are trying to make it big. Every day a new song and a new band to learn about! Everything from where the band is from to the meaning behind the bands name.

I look forward to following “This is That Song,” everyday!

See the blog here: This is That Song

Note: This post originally appeared on my personal blog 9/14/12


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