Think Tanks Blog Post (Blog Post 9)

One way to get good background info for your white papers is to find research produced for public discussion or policy-making.  Think tanks can often be a gold mine of this kind of material.  At the same time, think tanks range in quality and degree of advocacy.  Some try to be more neutral, others have a clear policy agenda.  Just because they have an agenda does not automatically disqualify them as relevant.  It just means you need to understand how their focus may affect the questions they ask and answers they generate.
For this week, use think tanks to learn some more about your white paper topic.

Basically, find a think tank that seems relevant and share with us what you learn about the topic and also the think tank.

Since last year, between Brody and me, we have developed some resources to find and/or evaluate think tanks.
If you go to my Biz Gov Soc google site, and then the think tank page, you will see a list of think tanks and think tank resources including directories of think tanks.  You can sort the list or search the page.

You can also use google and such and keyword to your topic area and then think tank or possibly “research center.”

If you have questions, ask me or post them here.
Also, a good blog on think tanks: On Think Tanks

On Think Tank’s list of think tank directories:Directories.


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