Allegheny Institute for Public Policy

Although I wasn’t entirely familiar with what think tanks actually do, I had an idea that they were large, multinational organizations that tackled issues like world hunger and nuclear warfare. I was surprised, then, when I found a think tank based in my hometown of Pittsburgh that focuses on issues specific to that geographic area. While researchers gathering information on national issues often cite the reports of the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy, the institute itself reports on issues at the local level.

The institute is decidedly conservative and their mission is “to defend the interests of taxpayers, citizens and businesses against an increasingly burdensome and intrusive government”. Most of the work done by them focuses on measures to increase efficiency is the public and private sectors and debunk research done by other organizations that advocates inefficient outcomes.

The institute has worked on many issues that are familiar to me and goes to great lengths to ensure policy makers have access to its findings. Most recently, it published a report on the monopoly status of the government public transit authority and even testified in hearings about the issue. They have also worked on research regarding property tax legislation, public sector employment and pay, public city schools, and a host of other things.

For my final paper, this think tank could prove to be a valuable resource if I chose to explore the outsourcing/privatization of government enterprises, like public transportation. This organization has worked a lot with this issue given the poor state of western PA’s public transit systems.


5 responses to “Allegheny Institute for Public Policy

  1. I too did not know much about think tanks and found that there is such a wide variety accessible today. I think this particular think tank is very interesting and it appears they take a very conservative stance and focus against government intervention. I was wondering if this related to your idea for paper 1 and if so how you planned on using it. Would it be a source that helped support the policies you were interested in? I think the monopoly on public transit authority could be an interesting topic.

  2. I am glad you recognized how their mission realities to more conservative policy agendas.

    I am not sure what “testify in earnings” means. Typo?

    Are they doing research on a topic you are exploring for your white paper?

  3. I am glad to see that I was not the only one who did not know much about Think Tanks. I think it would be very interesting for you to be able to examine the Allegheny Institute’s impact on your hometown. I know learning comes easiest for me when I can relate to the topic better. Choosing a case study in your hometown would probably be more interesting for you because the Allegheny Institute’s changes may be experienced by you.

  4. It seems like a lot of people in our class didn’t know what think tanks were before this blog post. It’s a good thing we did a blog about think tanks since you one is located in your hometown. It’ll be interesting writing about something that actually impacts you directly. Like Josh said, learning can come easier when the topic relates to you.

  5. To be honest, this topic seems perfect with the most recent election. I think a big thing you could do with this paper is link it to some of the issues that were voiced throughout and even after the presidential election regarding the role of government enterprises and whether they should be privatized or not.

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