Although I am frankly embarrassed to admit this, prior to this assignment I have no experience with think tanks. Like I do with most new things, instead of just checking out a couple of options and just choosing something that catches my eye, I decided to really explore the different think tanks that were pointed out by Jordi and Brody.

As I discussed in a blog post earlier this semester, I am very interested in innovation. I am interested in idea generation and the process of making these ideas into successful company, and how successful companies help our economy. Although I have always have been interested in this, I developed a stronger interest this past summer when I interned at a small start up company who has developed an innovative solution for online bill presentment and payments to niche markets. Not only did I enjoy watching the initial idea become a success, I enjoyed watching the product develop into a more and more complex and innovative product that will help generate more revenue.

With this idea of innovation sort of always being on my mind, I found a think tank titled “The 8 Best Innovation Ideas from Around the World”. The main idea of this think tank was why should you only look at policies from the United States to help jump start innovation in the US, when you can look at policies across the world, and see how they can help innovation. One of these studies took place in Great Britain and is titled “A Better Way to turn ideas into Companies”. It explains how the British government has invest in Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils at 3 university centers.This investment will allow a better connection between the R&D centers and the actual industries that could use innovation. I feel like using this connection could really help putting innovation in a position where our economy can really benefit.


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