Big Bad Obamacare?

As election season finally comes to a close, I am able to reflect on the outcome of the presidential race. I came to the conclusion that Obamacare would be a good topic to cover for my white paper, considering how the election turned out and my personal stake in it. While searching through the think tank directory, I came across the Harvard Kennedy School list, and found it to be, as the “quality” section described it, very fruitful with resources regarding my topic. After navigating through the results of my search, I found that there was a good deal of information from The Heritage Foundation, regarding the impact of Obamacare and the cases against it, as well as various studies.

One of the reports that I looked into was the impact of Obamacare on seniors by Dr. Robert Moffit. The report discusses how many of the facets of the massive law are designed around seniors and should be appealing to them, but says that Medicare advantage plans will see an enrollment cut of nearly half over the next ten years. This would leave senior citizens with fewer health care choices in the future. “For the next generation of senior citizens, finding a doctor will be more difficult and waiting times for doctor appointments are likely to be longer.”

One point in particular caught my attention. Over the summer I worked as part of the Bucknell-Geisinger summer partnership, which researched and developed prototypes of novel medical devices. Having personally researched the positive effects that these medical devices could have on patients, I was not too thrilled to see the following fact in a report by Dr. Benjamin Zycher, found on the Pacific Research Institute database.

Regardless of the past and recent profitability of investment in the research and development of new and improved medical devices, this tax will reduce such investment.”

There are clearly two sides to every story, but I am interested to see where my research takes me on this topic. Resources like the Pacific Research Institute and The Heritage Foundation will prove to be invaluable in the process of crafting this white paper, and I am interested to see what other information, opinions, and projections I can uncover.


One response to “Big Bad Obamacare?

  1. I think both are pretty strongly ideological. For example, is there any evidence that a medical device tax will reduce investment?

    I am not dismissing their results, just saying they need to be put in context.

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