Education Gap

I would like to write my white paper on the education gap that exists from K-12 grade in the United States.  As I was researching think tanks that dealt with this issue, i came across this organization called the Education Sector.  “Education Sector is an independent think thank that challenges conventional thinking in educational policy”.  Some of the issues that the Education Sector highlight are lack of college readiness, lack of proper accountability, lack of good data to drive improvement. lack of monetary funds, the lack of choice when it comes to picking a school to attend, and lack of qualified teachers especially in low income neighborhoods.   The Education Sector has four ways to combat these issues:

1) Inform and design educational policies utilizing choice as a mechanism for improving equity, quality and efficiency.

2) Improve the design and management of the teacher work force to ensure that every class room has a highly effective teacher.

3) Create strong federal, state and local accountability systems.

4) Promote date systems that generate better, clearer and more accessible information that improves teaching and learning.

I’m not sure if i learned anything new, but think is a good resource for my white paper if I finally decide to write on education.



4 responses to “Education Gap

  1. This sounds like an interesting idea for a paper. I think the education gap is an important issue facing our country, despite the fact that it is often overlooked in political discourse (or at least not given as much attention as it deserves). I would also be interested to hear what private organizations are working towards the same goals, and if their strategies are similar, or different from the ones you listed above.

  2. I think that the education gap is definitely an interesting topic choice for your paper. It may be interesting to discuss organizations like Teach For America and see if the work that they do has a true impact on reducing the gap that currently exists.

    • Good idea to look into Teach for America. I think Bucknell is pretty involved with that organization. Maybe there is someone on campus that works with Teach for America that would be willing to share some insight that could be useful in the paper.

  3. This is a really important issue so I’m glad you’ve decided to tackle it. I wonder how exactly the Education Sector plans to enforce the changes that they would like to see take place. It seems like a very challenging and broad task.

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