The Environmental Working Group

Similar to many of my fellow classmates, I have had little exposure to think tanks prior to doing research on them for this blog post.  The amount of detailed research that these organizations do reassures me that there are in fact people working to improve our society.  When searching for a think tank that was relevant to my white paper topic, I came across the Environmental Working Group think tank.  The mission of the Environmental Working Group is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment.  The group is dedicated to providing the public with practical information about products and current events that can be used to protect families.  EWG specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals, agricultural subsidies, public lands, and corporate responsibility.

EWG has a section on its website solely concerned with fracking and gas drilling.  Although I realize that this website might contain some biased research because they are mainly focused on the harmful effects of fracking, I think there is information and reports that could be beneficial to my overall paper.  Fracking is a topic that I did not know much about before doing the readings, but the topic left me asking a lot of questions.  The main question that came to mind was: is fracking actually bad for the environment.  For my paper, I would like to do more research on the gas industry and look at companies such as BP and see how these companies have affected the environments around them.  I would like to propose a regulation plan to the government listing potential ways for them to limit fracking and force companies to be held responsible for their actions.



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