The RAND Corporation

The RAND Corporation was created by the Douglas Aircraft Company and the United States Air Force following World War II in order to maintain a strategic advantage in science and technology for the United States over its Cold War enemies. Essentially, it was started in order to address the threat of a nuclear holocaust and other Cold War era doomsday scenarios. At first they focused their research exclusively on issues of national security policy and the idea of mutually assured destruction. Eventually, however, they formally disassociated themselves from the Douglas Aircraft Company and the Air Force and the RAND Corporation became it’s own non-profit organization with a much broader range of focus in terms of research. According to the official RAND website, the organization had a very different and more humanitarian mission.

“In 1948, Project RAND separated from Douglas Aircraft and became the RAND Corporation, an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting scientific, educational, and charitable purposes for the public welfare. RAND diversified its research focus and for more than six decades has used scientific analysis to help individuals, families, and communities throughout the world be safer, healthier, and more prosperous.”


Over the past sixty four years, RAND has been producing cutting edge research that organizations around the world can access and use to improve the lives of the people they serve. I think that it is a great source for an assignment like the White Paper because they have an excellent reputation for high-quality and objective policy analysis.

As of now, my White Paper is going to focus on health care reforms and the issues associated with rising health care costs on both individuals and organizations. The RAND website has a strong collection of research briefs and analysis reports on the health care industry and public health. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the debate on health care reform and I would like to understand more about how the current reforms are going to affect not only the consumer of health care services, but the providers.



One response to “The RAND Corporation

  1. RAND sounds like it will be a great tool to use when researching reports for your topic. RAND’s reputation will definitely add reliable information to support your argument. Health care is such a highly debated topic at this point so I think it will be very interesting for you to pursue this idea further. I would love to know exactly what reforms are going on and how Obamacare will influence our country.

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