Proposal 1: Investigating Title IX

For my white paper, I want to explore a topic that is both controversial as well as interesting and/or applicable to me. I want to investigate the effectiveness of Title IX or the equal opportunity in education law. Title IX requires both men and women’s opportunities be equal throughout all education. The law has a major impact on high school and collegiate athletics. Programs for men and for women must be equivalent. This can be anything from facilities to number of teams and even the number of scholarships available for athletes.

I have often wondered whether the law has helped or hindered equality in terms of education as well as athletics. As a lacrosse player, I know of several reports arguing that Title IX has restricted the sports growth. This surely cannot be the only sport whose growth has been impacted negatively.


I have looked at several resources for information regarding Title IX. I am confident that there are even more resources available. I recognize that it is essential that I remain openminded and unbiassed in my investigation. I have already noticed several of my resources are very one sided.

Do you think Title IX is white paper material?

Do you have any tips for remaining unbiassed?

What would you focus your research on regarding Title IX?


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