Proposal 1: Is it Outrageous for College Athletes to be paid?

For my white paper, I would like to investigate the idea of college athletes being paid. Off the bat, I think that they should not be, but I know that there are many people across the country that think otherwise, and this makes me excited to research and learn more about the matter. I’m sure some people reading this might be thinking what is he even talking about? Why would division 1 athletes ever be paid?


For these people, let me explain further. Let’s take Ohio State University and their football program, for an example. For the 2010-2011 season, between tickets, concessions, television contracts, etc. the team was able to generate $51,839,260 in revenue. Of course, the players aren’t the reason for all of this revenue. You’ll need to take school pride, program prestige, overall football fans and many other factors into consideration. But at the same time, the players are a large reason for this, and they don’t see any of this money.

Here’s another interesting point that gives people reason to believe that professional athletes should be paid. Picture a freshmen stud point guard from a school like UNC. He just led his team to the national championship and he’s considering his options for the next season. Although he is an athlete, he is also a scholar who wants to finish off his college career. In the back of his head, he knows that he could get a guaranteed contract paying $5,000,000 in the first year, and he knows that his family would greatly benefit from this money. What should he do? Should colleges give players some sort of monetary compensation? Do colleges do this behind the scenes today? I’m excited to look into this matter further.


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