Lunchtime, kids!

This was my attempt at a modest proposal last year. I went a little overboard. By the way, if you are reading this, it is satire.

Business Government & Society III

Having lived in and among animals of many types, including quadrupeds, bipeds, and bivalves, I have come to see that many of them eat each other.  Though our more civilized natures may balk at certain indelicate acts, clearly our common mother, Nature, intended for some to be the meal and some the diner.  Though some of my fellow citizens of this Great Republic may choose to subvert their Mother, thereby violating laws of nature and commandments of the Lord, I cannot summon enough bile to deny them their liberty in choosing to only sup upon the poor, helpless, immobile leafy and tuberous and seed-bearing creatures that make up the “vegetarian’s diet.”  At times, their claims for the justness of their cause include the projection of very noble and tender feelings upon the creatures that were magnificent while moving under their own accord and are now as delectable as they were…

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