A Modest Proposal for Boosting the Economy

In 2008 our country fell into a recession that we have been struggling to recover from. Current unemployment remains around 8%  and our national deficit is climbing to numbers we have never seen before. In 2010 we reached $10 trillion in debt and were concerned. Today we have over $16 trillion  of debt and that number is only expected to rise . The future looks grim, but what if there was a way to address both issues and start making a modest recovery.

Illegal drugs are used in the United States and have been for many years. As of 2011 it was reported that over 22 million Americans use illegal drugs. That is almost 9% of the population! Why not use illegal drugs as an opportunity for the country’s growth and economic state.

My modest proposal is to legalize all drugs and sell them to everyone, especially young adults!

Legalizing drugs and making them accessible to everyone would be the perfect solution. Drugs would not be illegal so government spending on police and prevention would be minimized. Instead, drugs could be a source of government income. The government could instill a tax on drugs and make large returns. This inflow of taxes could then be used to address our national debt. Who knows, we may be able to run a surplus one of these years!?? As for the economy, a whole new market would be created with opportunities for business. Employment and businesses would be created and this could spark a growth in the economy! Wall Street could get involved and trade drugs. It would take commodity trading to new levels. Who would be against such a benefiting proposal? More Americans would have jobs, business opportunities would prosper and government money on prevention of drugs would be minimized.

In reality, people who want and need drugs today are able to get them anyway. As I said, around 9% of the US population uses illegal drugs. That is a large portion of the country, and an opportunity for the government to make a good inflow of money. Why should we miss out on an opportunity to make some revenue off of these people and help the country’s economy while doing it! The United States legalized alcohol and its become a great source of income while boosting the economy as well.

As for who to target with this new market and source of revenue, I suggest going right to the age group that will provide the most use and revenue. I advice focusing sales of drugs to young teens and adults. They are the most susceptible and if they can be hooked on drugs early enough, it will provide years of taxes and revenue for the country. Imagine getting a 12 year old hooked on cocaine, that could provide 70+ years of sales from just one person. Additionally, this younger age group of about 18-25 years has been the most likely to use illegal drugs and become dependent, so there is clearly market opportunity with great benefits.

The United States needs to boost its economy and start minimizing its national debt. We have an opportunity to create a whole new market that can aid in resolving these larger issues. There is a need for illegal drugs and people have been able to acquire these drugs through foreign countries and black markets. Why should we allow these groups to reap the benefits of addicts? The United States should get in the game and start benefiting from the issue. Lets legalize drugs and instill high taxes to reap as much money as possible.


7 responses to “A Modest Proposal for Boosting the Economy

  1. This is a great way to boost the economy. Young teens and adults will provide a large inflow of money where they legally could not before. You make an excellent point – alcohol was legalized so why are drugs not as well? In addition, the drinking age should be lowered back to 18. Teens would be less likely to binge drink if they were legally allowed to, and the additional age groups would aid in minimizing the national debt.

  2. Ok, this one made me laugh. The scary thing about it… it makes sense! If you put lots of tariffs on drugs, people will still buy them so why not? The taxes will make up in the price drop from its legalization. Let our economy benefit from the purchasing power of people who are going to buy them illegally anyways.

  3. Probably one of the better posts that I have read so far. Your argument is compelling, including the long lasting service that could be received by getting a 12 year old hooked on cocaine. I have to agree with the comments above. People are just going to buy drugs illegally, so why not just legalize it? It’s clearly a big money industry, and our economy is getting a bit desperate for a remedy.

  4. Sounds like a good idea! The war on drugs is not a winnable war. If you can’t beat the cartels, join ’em.

  5. This is a great way to boost the economy even though it will make a lot of people unhealthy. Not only can the economy boost from the sale of drugs but they will also gain money from more people going to rehab for help. Make drugs legal because people will use them anyway.

  6. Didn’t Colorado just do this? 🙂

    WE would earn revenue from taxes, create jobs, but ALSO spend a lot less on prisons. Now, prison guard unions will fight this, but if they can be transferred to the new hed-onomy, then maybe they will go along.

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