A Modest Proposal for Cosmetic Coverage

Societal pressure to be beautiful has become an unhealthy obsession for women. People always say beauty lies within, but today too many of us only judge each other by physical appearance. We are constantly bombarded with ads on television, magazines, the online and newspapers telling us that we must reverse the aging process and have plastic surgery to alter our physical attributes. Studies have shown that even elementary school children have become concerned about being too fat, which has led to an increase in eating disorders. The multi-billion dollar beauty industry continues to churn out products that have an impact on the environment, with all the packaging, chemicals and trash. Lastly, the perpetuation of the idea that one’s looks are of primary importance leaves women feeling worthless and dedicating their time, energy and financial resources to a hopeless campaign against time, rather than to issues that might improve the quality of their lives.

Some young women and men today are developing horrible eating habits in an effort to be rail thin. Others are seeking plastic surgery before their bodies have even had a chance to reach full maturity. And, others who cannot afford surgery or who cannot seem to maintain a healthy weight, much less a super thin frame, are becoming depressed and suicidal. So why not give into societal pressure. My modest proposal is that cosmetic surgery be covered by insurance and affordable to all who chose to undergo a procedure. 

The following facts have been statistically proven in regard to attractive people. Attractive applicants have a better chance of getting jobs, and of receiving higher salaries. The ‘bias for beauty’ operates in almost all social situations – all experiments show we react more favorably to physically attractive people. Attractive children are more popular, both with classmates and teachers. Teachers give higher evaluations to the work of attractive children and have higher expectations of them (which has been shown to improve performance). If plastic surgery were to becovered by insurance, it could improve the emotional well being of those inflicted with self esteem issues consequential to body image. A new study suggests health-care practitioners should be cognizant that the elective procedure has positive psychological benefits. With affordable plastic surgery, people everywhere will lead significantly happier and more productive lives!


3 responses to “A Modest Proposal for Cosmetic Coverage

  1. I think this would be a great idea! What parent would not want to give their child the best chance to succeed?! Since appearance and beauty are so fundamental in our society and advantages are given to the most beautiful, then it would only seem right to give into these pressures and instead use them to succeed. If cosmetic surgeries were covered parents could send their children under the knife early and protect them from any of the negative impacts being “ugly” or “obese” may bring. Kids will succeed and grow to be beautiful, confident and driven adults.

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