A Modest Proposal For Decreasing the Deficit

Being an election year this year and having just elected our “new” president, the United States people completely versed in politics and the major issues plaguing our country. Of course, it doesn’t need to be an election year for this to be the case since it is a well known fact that Americans are always engaged in political activities.

The biggest issue that has being discussed over the past 4 years or so is the national economy, but more specifically, the US deficit. Different sources will tell you different things about the “real” figure of our deficit. Sometimes it’s exactly $1 trillion, sometimes it’s a bit larger like $1.3 trillion, and sometimes we are actually around $5 trillion in debt according to certain sources.

Regardless what the number is, we all know that we owe a lot of money to a lot of people. Politicians have proposed ideas such as raising income taxes, raising corporate taxes, cutting down certain budgests, eliminating other budgets and really anything else that makes even the slightest bit of sense in economical terms. This is the major problem though. Politicians need to stop thinking about the deficit in terms of economic theories and need to get back to basics.

What’s wrong with our country? We have no money. We’re broke. We owe people money. All of the above. So, what would any normal person do when they are in debt to someone else and they don’t have time to either get a job or find a higher paying job? They sell things! They sell furniture, they sell jewelry, they sell gold, they sell anything they have an abundance of to people that are in demand for it and that’s what I believe the United States needs to do. And without further ado:

I have a modest proposal for decreasing the deficit by having the United States government sell all of our military technology and equipment to those countries who are in high demand for them such as North Korea, Iran, China, and the general terrorist population to just name a few.

What are we in abundance of? Military equipment and technology. Is this kind of stuff expensive? You betcha! Would people be willing to pay a lot of money for them? Of course! There are plenty of countries and groups in this world that are in desperate need of military equipment and technology and what better place to get it from than the United States? We are basically the biggest retailer of the stuff! That means we sell our tanks, our aircrafts, our battleships, and any and all military technology and innovations.

How quickly do you see us getting back on our feet and out of this deficit if we were to initiate this plan?

Think about it.


2 responses to “A Modest Proposal For Decreasing the Deficit

  1. Fabulous idea! The United States invests billions of dollars in our military budget each year; billions spent in military products and technology. If we were to sell billions of dollars for more than we initially invested, we would be extremely profitable which will consequentially aid in minimizing our national deficit. Why end there? We should think about selling troops as well. They are trained, intelligent, and capable. I’m sure the countries you discussed would be overjoyed; United States military capital is in high demand.

  2. Sorry. Reality beat you to the punch.

    The Department of Defense last year told Congress of plans to sell up to $103 billion in weapons to overseas buyers, a staggering rise from an average of $13 billion a year between 1995 and 2005, according to Deutsche Bank analyst Myles Walton. Signed agreements have tripled since 2000.

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