A Modest Proposal: Lets Just Forget about Education

Disclaimer: This is a joke! I do, in fact, believe in education…

In the United States, the education gap continues to grow with every generation. As some students are educated at $56,000 per year schools, many people of the same age aren’t able to afford going to college. People drop out of high school because they got pregnant, got arrested, or simply stopped caring about academics. Learning isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately, this education gap is a major contributor to the income and socioeconomic inequality that is pervasive in our society today. It is unfortunate that people get advantages because of what they can afford. Is that the equality that America stands for?

Everyone cries the first day of school. Why make them go?

In order to close the education gap, we need to reform the American public school system. Many governments and local officials have tried to bring the two closer together by increasing the level of education in lower income neighborhoods with higher dropout rates. My advice? Go the other way. Requiring education is dumb and violates an individuals right to choose, especially if people don’t want to be a part of it. How many kids ACTUALLY want to go to school? Telling young children what to do will only backfire in the end. If we get rid of an education system, then people will naturally rise to the roles they deserve. Is calculus and critical reading really that important? Is speaking Chinese and reading The Great Gatsby going to teach kids how to interact with one another and stay away from drugs? If they want to learn, congratulations! You have the potential to be successful.  If you don’t want to learn, you won’t be at such a severe disadvantage because, as we all know, you learn more from the real world than you do in class anyways.

Then, there’s the college problem. American colleges and universities represent everything elitist there is about this country. My solution is the same for the lower education system, get rid of it! If you want equality, don’t give some people the opportunity to spend four years less in the real world. Yes, they’re getting an education. But how does that help the greater good? All college does is give some part of the population entitlement while simultaneously giving the other part a delayed start towards success. If everyone is uneducated, it means people are relying on their own wit, not their parents money, to survive in this dog-eat-dog world. Advantages aren’t fair, even if you were smart in high school.

In short, both the education and income gaps in this country are a major problem. Despite repeated attempts to bring the two poles closer together, money and drive makes this impossible. In order to give this country an entirely equal playing field, get rid of educational institutions. If everyone starts from the same place, each person will find his or her natural spot in a national pecking order. No advantages, no skills. If people want to learn, they will. Don’t force them. Make the world a better place.


5 responses to “A Modest Proposal: Lets Just Forget about Education

  1. I think this is a great proposal for fixing the education gap. The real world provides the best opportunities to learn, mature and grow. Why not expose everyone to that at a young age? Instead of the youth living in a “university bubble” for 12-16 years of their life, they can gain street smarts and real world knowledge. We should encourage this path to education instead. In terms of jobs, most careers provide a lot of on the job training anyway. If that is necessary now, why waste time in class “learning how to learn.” I think this proposal will be extremely beneficial and people will be forced to use their real talents and skills rather then their parents money and that elite diploma that cost over $200,000.

  2. Interesting proposal. I think that you should make an exception for culinary schools. It’s worth leaving a little education gap out there so we can have people who know how to cook us good food.

  3. I love this proposal idea. Why force kids to go to school against their own will when they can learn just as much through experiences outside the classroom? Not only will those proposal save money for parents because they no longer have to pay tuition, but kids can start working at an earlier age and start supporting themselves earlier. They will learn more valuable life lessons by experiencing life outside the classroom. Leveling the playing field will finally get everyone on the same page.

  4. Such a great idea! Kids would definitely learn more from their real world experiences than classroom lessons, so why force them to sit through lectures they won’t even remember or benefit from? By eliminating mandatory schooling we will see who really has what it takes to succeed when left to their own devices.

  5. Brilliant! If we want to get rid of a systemic problem, let’s get rid of the system altogether! Who says these problems are difficult to solve?

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