A Modest Proposal: Population Growth

Today, the world population is about 7 billion.  Although the population growth rate has come down from its record-high levels during previous decades, we are still experiencing a worldwide increase of about 1% each year.  According to the United Nations, based on fertility estimations, the world population will reach 10 billion by 2100.

Fertility levels vary greatly between regions based upon several socioeconomic factors.  18% of the world’s inhabitants currently live in high-fertility areas.  In these areas women are having on average 1.5 female children, signs that high fertility will continue there.  These areas are heavily concentrated in Africa, with 39 of the 55 countries on the continent being labeled as high-fertility nations.  It is projected that by 2100 the population will triple in these areas, which is in stark contrast with the projected population decline expected to hit low-fertility countries.  Furthermore, life expectancy in high-fertility nations is expected to increase greatly due to the decrease in the spread of HIV/AIDS.  By 2100, the average life expectancy in these high-fertility nations will likely by 77 (it is currently only 56!).

Increasing population growth will have drastic implications for these nations as well as the world as a whole.   Currently, we are over-consuming our resources, leaving little for future generations.  How will the world sustain such a large population with such limited resources?  It is noteworthy that these high-fertility areas that will continue to grow are already facing a dearth of resources.  These nations are struggling to supply their inhabitants with water and food in the present; a further increase in population will only make it more difficult for them to sustain a healthy population.

My modest proposal for population control is that we rid the world of hundreds of thousands of women before they have the chance to reproduce.

Sure, we can teach the world about the importance of contraceptives or resource scarcity, but why bother?  By killing off women in high-fertility areas the problem is simply eliminated.  There is no need to waste time and energy on trying to fix a potential problem when we can get right to the root cause of the issue!  Population growth can bring upon a slew of challenges for the world, but with this easy solution we can avoid all future troubles.


4 responses to “A Modest Proposal: Population Growth

  1. This is a spectacular idea! There are too many people in the world now, let alone how many there will be in the future! There are animals that can reproduce without men, so getting rid of them wouldn’t accomplish anything. However, it’s impossible to procreate without women. Reducing the number of women would also allow them to be more picky with the men they choose (a la China), making sure only the best genes get passed on.

  2. Look at China, this kind of thing works! We definitely have to keep a few women around, but try and ensure that there are less of them. With lower reproduction rates, we will be able to much more successful economically and prevent many future issues.

  3. What a perfect solution. Women are useless anyways, right? Authoritative figures in society could choose the most useful (and beautiful) women to keep in order to make sure our society remains productive (and good looking). Killing off women would also ensure that no one cheats in this system.

  4. Well, who would we kill?

    Plus, if you have more men then women, many of the men will likely kill each other competing for the women. So, it is a 2-fer.

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