A Modest Proposal to rid True-blooded Americans of immigrants

I am here to address an issue that plagues all hard working Americans.  Immigrants.  Whether they are legal or illegal, these aliens come into our country, take jobs from natives, and generally pollute the community that we have worked hard to cultivate.  With our unemployment rate sitting above 8 percent, the last thing we need is people who have entered from another country taking jobs at a cut rate unacceptable to real americans.  Never mind the families these immigrants have been tasked with supporting.  Never mind the horrific conditions of Mexico, where whole towns are massacred by warring cartels.  This is not our problem.  That isn’t our country.  I don’t care if they fill out the paperwork, we’re closed for business.

I don’t care that I wouldn’t be writing this if not for immigration.  It doesn’t matter that my grandpa entered legally, and worked 50 honest years as a tailor to support his family.  He should have stayed in Mexico.  Yes, I probably wouldn’t have made it to college.  In fact, I probably would have dropped out in 3rd grade, just like him.  I mean sure, I’m happy I was born an American citizen.  When Mexico is the alternative, who wouldn’t be?  But that doesn’t change anything.  America is for Americans.  Keep everyone else out.

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