A Modest Proposal to Solve All Our Problems

Disclaimer: This is satirical.

The world today has more problems than most people can even think about.  Overpopulation, unemployment, hunger, and poverty are all conditions that burden societies. With not enough jobs or food, the solution is simple: support fewer people.  Other than major disasters, though, how does one go about shaking off a significant portion of the population?

The solution is simple. We need to get rid of healthcare programs. Abolishing insurance and medicare programs will help rid us of the old and poor who create the largest burdens to society. If we can significantly reduce our population, our environmental problems would be lessened because our demand for energy would be smaller.  Less people would be driving cars, using electricity, and demanding our fossil fuels for their own consumption. Climate change would be slowed because the ozone layer would have time to rebuild itself. Also, with so many less people needing food, the issue of world hunger would be erased.  The government would have such a surplus of food (that they could buy because of the money saved on social programs) that they could supply the entire continents of Africa and Antarctica a gratis.  Because the policies would likely hurt the poor and the elderly most, the government would also be released from the burden of providing subsidized housing, TANF, or other programs to help the underprivileged. With more money and fewer students, schools could be improved greatly so that the remaining population would be very well educated.  By ridding ourselves of our weakest segments, we can ensure that the world continues to thrive in a sustainable manner.


3 responses to “A Modest Proposal to Solve All Our Problems

  1. hmmm…reminds me of horrible bosses when the one guy is like “we have to cut the fat…I want you to fire the fat people”. Well done.

  2. I’ll bet there are some libertarians out there who already think this. End all insurance and let real markets form to set prices adn better allocate HC resources.

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