Modest Proposal: Binge Drinking

Disclaimer: This is a joke!

A problem that takes place all across the world, and in particular, on college campuses is the idea of binge drinking. Binge Drinking is defined as consuming enough alcohol to make your blood alcohol concentration .08 grams or more. This typically means consuming 5 drinks in the period of 2 hours. In a US News article, Kelci Lucier explains, “The NIAAA also reports that “approximately two of every five college students of all ages—more than 40 percent—have reported engaging in binge drinking at least once during the past 2 weeks.” The amount of binge drinking has been increasing very much over the years, and is getting very dangerous.

This blog post would have been particularly relevant around this time last year when President Bravman released the Student Task Force Climate Report, which concentrated heavily on the aggressive alcohol consumption that goes on at Bucknell.

Modest Proposal

The reality is that many college students are going to get to campus their freshmen year and drink. They are going to drink because that’s what’s “cool” and college, and because everyone else is doing it. Some people are able to handle their alcohol well, but many people do not have this ability, and will drink too much to the point where it becomes a health hazard.

Most of the hospitalizations that occur due to excessive drinking on college campuses happen to freshmen. Many freshmen come to college with little experience drinking and will push their limits too far. The number of upperclassmen that are hospitalized are much lower. I feel like there is an easy solution to this problem over intoxication. I think that there should be rules implemented in high school that will help aid student’s transitions to college. Now obviously we shouldn’t be forcing too much drinking at a young age, but we need to help this kids get ready for college! I think that starting freshmen year there should be high school organized drinking events for all students. At these events, students will be forced to drink in between 2 and 6 drinks. I think that freshmen and sophomore kids should be required to attend once every other week. Juniors and first semester seniors should be required to go once a week. And during student’s senior spring, they should be required to go twice a week. Now I know that high schoolers aren’t 21, but are freshmen in college 21? No, so that is not a good reason to deny this plan. And I know that this may seem aggressive, but look how many students are being hospitalized! This isn’t safe, something needs to be done.


2 responses to “Modest Proposal: Binge Drinking

  1. I think this is a great solution to the binge drinking issue on college campuses. One of the reasons that so many freshmen go to the hospital is because they did not drink before college and don’t know their limits. By forcing students to drink in a controlled environment, they will learn their limits and be less likely to binge drink. Also, the fact that the school is allowing them to drink will dissuade students from sneaking around and drinking on their own because the school is encouraging it. The organized drinking events will also encourage comradery among classes and allow students to develop social skills.

  2. This makes perfect sense! Students would certainly know their limits better if they were forced to experiment in a controlled environment. From here, there would probably be fewer alcohol related problems.

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