Violence on college campuses has been a problem ever since they existed. And athletes have contributed a fair amount of violent acts. A big problem people see with these violent acts is that athletes get off too easy. An ESPN article shows two related acts of violence by athletes with questionable punishments.

In June, UNLV’s Tre’Von Willis, the leading scorer on the basketball team, was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation. He was able to agree to a plea bargain that reduced the charge to a misdemeanor, and in September, UNLV suspended the Mountain West Conference’s leading scorer for three games, two of which are exhibition games. In February, Oregon running back LaMichael James was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly grabbing his girlfriend by the neck and throwing her to the ground. He sat out the Ducks’ first game of the season. He has since rushed for 848 yards.

My modest proposal is to have the NCAA suspend an entire team for a full year if any player acts in a violent matter and the player who performed the act of violence will be kicked off the team indefinitely.

Right now the NCAA can’t impose punishments for acts of violence committed “off the field, or “off the court.” Professional sports on the other hand can impose punishments from the league. The NFL will suspend players for receiving a DUI for instance. Having the NCAA suspend a team for an entire year will make sure colleges do not let their players act stupid. Also, no player wants to be kicked off a team and not be able to play again. I know if I were a player who caused my team not to play for an entire year, I would want to leave the state. No one wants that guilt. When this rule gets implemented, I’m sure the number of violent acts related to athletes will decline significantly.



  1. Out of the modest proposals that I have read so far, this one seems to be somewhat practical since professional sports teams impose punishments for acts of violence. I’m actually pretty surprised that the NCAA is unable to punish athletes for violent acts that are committedd off the field/court. It seems like they have cracked down on a lot of other issues in recent years, so I’m surprised this issue has been somewhat avoided. If athletes continue to committ violent acts in years to come, I’d be interested to see if the NCAA steps in and starts to punish these people.

  2. It’s very surprising that the NCAA doesn’t have similar abilities to the NFL in punishing athlete offenses. I don’t really even follow sports but I hear about athletes behaving badly quite a bit and I think that if this was a real policy, college sports would all die, at least for the first few years anyway.

  3. Could you imagine a world with such a rule put into effect? It would be very interesting to see what type support and opposition it would gain from players, schools, and fans. I imagine a number of lawsuits would arise to determine how to define the gray areas.

  4. You certainly bring up a very interesting point. Athletes are supposed to be under a more intense scope than regular students. Not to mention the acts of violence mentioned would typically result in suspensions from schools. However, the truth of the matter is that these are big schools that receive a ton of money from the star athletes. Unfortunately, universities treat them like gods. Currently, suspending a team for an entire season can only be imposed by the school. I just do not see that being a reality.

  5. I’m actually going to agree with Lindsey on this one and say that this could actually be the most “feasible” modest proposal I’ve read. Obviously it’d be quite an outrageous step (according to fans) to suspend an entire team, but hey…it could very well get the point across. If professional sports have punishments for these kinds of acts than colleges should too. They should be prepared for everything if they are lucky enough to go pro.

  6. Bold proposal but I do believe this could actually happen. Athletic programs (especially football teams) are huge believers that if one issue occurs on the team, then the entire team is punished for it. Now though this practice is generally used for when someone gets caught drinking, taking steroids, etc. the same idea comes for this too, so it is not completely out of the question.

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