A Modest Proposal: Australia All Over Again

DISCLAIMER: This post is strictly meant to be humorous. Do not take this seriously, I don’t really want to read comments complaining. It was meant to be a joke!!! I do not believe this obviously!


Our country is having a major issue with partisan politics. Too often now, many people will fall in behind their party instead of working “across the aisle” and doing what is best for the American people. Our government is split and this means that many things will not be passed that can truly better our nation. Our country is truly suffering because of this and unfortunately there is no immediate solution (elections just happened and the house and senate are still split). However, I have devised the perfect solution that can be done relatively quick…DEPORT THE DEMOCRATS! It only makes sense, if the 2 parties cannot get along and agree then why not send the party who continuously wants to “change” so many things in our nation, to their own country to create their own society and see if it works. This has been done in Australia when the English took a variety of Irish political prisoners and shipped them to Australia. The prisoners developed a civil society and now look at Australia? I am sure that the Democrats will be able to start their own socialist society together where everyone takes care of everyone else and those who succeed will pay for those who do nothing.




6 responses to “A Modest Proposal: Australia All Over Again

  1. What a great idea!! The United States could finally make some real decisions and have the ability to take action in fixing the many issues that exist today. Government could be effective and the republican people will be supportive of their actions. Those who work hard and succeed can enjoy the benefits. As for the Democrats, they will have a great time building up some other part of the world where everyone can be equal and happy. This idea really kills two birds with one stone; we can finally bring back power and action to this country and help build a liberal government that is struggling in some other part of the globe.

  2. I like the idea of deporting people! It is something the Republicans have been in favor of for quite a while. However, I think the people that should be deported are the Republicans themselves. Based on this past election and the resulting secession petitions, they want to leave the country anyway! The only problem that might arise is that Fox News would lose its viewers and Rush Limbaugh’s elegant prose would go unheard. (Disclaimer, I’m being sarcastic)

  3. I agree with deporting all of the democrats. I am getting so tired of all these politics listening to republicans and democrats going back and forth complaining about the others’ views. I’m just picturing the state of the country during the next presidential election. Not having to listen to the classic republican vs. democrat banter would make everyone’s lives to much less stressful!

  4. I am glad you guys like the idea! Though it sounds extremely harsh can you imagine 2 societies where there were strictly Republicans in one land and strictly democrats in the other (with same resources, etc)? It would be amazing to see which party’s government actually succeeds! I can only imagine how much more would get done in Congress and across the country!

  5. What would you do with the Australians? Move them to Israel- Gaza? Plenty of room there.

    Would it not be easier to get them to self-deport somewhere? LIke Vermont or Seattle?

    Seriously, I heard that while some of Texas wants to secede, Austin wants to secede from Texas…

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