Proposal 2: The Obesity Society

For my second proposal, I wanted to continue with the topic of obesity. Last week, I wrote about Michelle Obama’s Lets Move campaign, which is encouraging change in schools and at home to try and prevent the spread of childhood obesity. Basically, this movement is advocating change to your lifestyle. So, I wanted to find something that complemented that and advocated government change. In that search, I found the American Obesity Society.

The American Obesity Society is a group dedicated to improving the lives of those affected with obesity through research, education, and advocacy. Most importantly, the Obesity Society is dedicated to lobbying and advocating for policy change in Congress to protect the people’s health and hopefully prevent obesity. In the November 2012 update of their monthly advocacy review, the Obesity Society was able to successfully report that their lobbying had made a difference, as the FDA had added obesity to their list of patient-focused drug development targets. Previously, the FDA hadn’t recognized obesity as a disease that fit these standards. However, the Obesity Society disagreed and fought to have obesity targeted in this study. If government research doesn’t happen, then it will be very hard to make progress on curbing the obesity epidemic.

Is obesity genetic?


The Obesity Society also has an annual meeting called “Obesity Week” in which members of the society come together to learn about obesity and brainstorm positive change that the organization can help move forward. This is one of the largest consortiums of obesity professionals and researchers in one place. The Obesity Society’s goal with this annual meeting is bringing these brilliant minds together for progress and change. Everyone in the room has the same goal: preventing the spread of obesity. Bringing these professionals together to solve this major problem.

For my paper, I hope to use the Obesity Society’s research from obesity week and their lobbying tactics to shape my policy. I think that this organization represents truly great progressive work surrounding this topic. Even if the results aren’t entirely tangible, they are definitely contributing to a greater good.


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