Proposal 1: The Immigration Crisis

One of the biggest issues in our society today is the debate over immigration.  As more and more illegal immigrants enter our country each year, the argument rages over how this should be handled.  Many people feel that if you enter our country illegally, you should not at all be entitled to any of the benefits that American citizens.  Some have gone so far as to say that even the children illegals should also be deported.

Others feel that the current immigration system is unrealistic, and needs a complete overall.  These people feel that every person should be entitled to the freedoms we enjoy in our country.  They look at the the current state of different countries such as Mexico, and think it is unfair that some people are turned away.

This is clearly an ethical middle ground, and I think it would be extremely interesting to dive in and try to find out what the most ethical solution would be.  Obviously there is no answer that will satisfy everybody, but after looking through some of the actual immigration laws, and reading some of the articles about the radical actions taken by anti-immigration groups, it seems as though some changes should be made.

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