Proposal 2-Affirmative Action

While I believe affirmative action is an extremely interesting subject, it is hard for me to comment on it unbiasedly.  I believe affirmative action helped me get into Bucknell, so as someone who benefited from the practice, it’s hard to say that I don’t agree with it.Image

But unfortunately, the principle in general does not seem right.  The most qualified candidates should be admitted to the school, no matter what ethnicity they are.  I looked online, and found tons of interviews with kids that had worked their entire life to get into their dream school, only to have their spot claimed by an inferior candidate.  And I personally feel that I may have kept more qualified candidates out of Bucknell, and that’s not right.  I would love to look into whether or not it’s truly fair to have affirmative action, or whether it should be abolished.


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