Proposal 2: Education Sector

Education Sector is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization committed to achieving measurable impact in education policy.  Their mission is to promote changes to policy and practice that lead to improved student opportunities and outcomes.  The Education Sector represents the society part of my case.  The education sector understands that too often the research is written in language that’s hard for policymakers to understand, so they don’t use a lot of it.  Much of the work produced by membership organizations and traditional education advocacy groups is less than objective.  This lack of credibility and clarity in research and analysis hurts the cause of education improvement.  Policymakers make important decisions on the basis of biased information; good ideas don’t reach the people with the power to implement them; and it becomes harder to create and sustain an intellectual climate that supports reform.  Knowing these problems, the organization combined the methodological rigor of sound research with the communications excellence of the best journalism and the real-world impact of policy analysis.  They have positioned themselves make a compelling case for fundamental reform and to promote change directly with policymakers.  They have gained credibility and respect in this field.

The vision of the Education Sector  is of a strong public education system with multiple educational options; each with high-quality educators in every classroom as well as robust data and accurate and fair accountability systems to both inform and measure performance.  To realize this vision, there are four goals that the organization aims to achieve, these goals apply to k-12 education.  They are:

  1. Inform and design education policies utilizing choice as a mechanism for improved equity, quality, and efficiency;
  2. Improve the design and management of the teacher work force to ensure that every classroom has a highly effective teacher;
  3. Create strong federal, state, and local accountability systems; and
  4. Promote data systems that generate better, clearer, and more accessible information that improves teaching and learning

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