Why The Republican Party Cannot Win an Election

Before I go on and explain my hypothesis about why the Republican Party is unable to win a presidential election, I’d like to throw out a small disclaimer as I know politics can be a touchy subject for some.

If you think back to our one blog post based on our level of political awareness and knowledge, I was somewhat of a noob, yet an opinionated and slightly informed noob. I also realize that within political races there are many different facets of life that are being addressed such as the economy, international relations, social policies and the medical system to name a few.

That being said, I do have one very strong opinion about why the Republican Party was unable to win this past election and will continue to lose future elections if they do not change something soon.

The Republican Party will not be able to win future elections if they do not change social policies regarding same-sex marriage, abortion and other similar issues.

How does this relate to this weeks blog post? Well, I am answering Question B and I believe things like racism, sexism and many other -isms are still a large part of this society, but not like they used to be. They are a large part of this society in the sense that more people are standing up against them. Yes there is still a huge problem negatively but I believe we are slowly becoming a much more open minded and accepting country. I personally believe that this past election has shown that shift.

Even though President Obama and Governor Romney had very different economic plans, I personally do not believe either of them were going to send our country into complete turmoil. They would both get us to our end goal, one might just be quicker than the other. That being said, I do not think that people in this country were willing to take a step backwards socially anymore. Obama made a lot of great steps with things like same-sex marriage and there was a great possibility of that hard work being taken away if Governor Romney was elected.

I think that if the Republican party wants to be able to win future elections (unless the Democratic candidate really is a nut job and has horrendous views and policy plans) they need to catch up with the modern social times.

The thing for me is that things like race and sexual orientation shouldn’t even be a factor in a presidential debate. By this I mean in simplistic terms, we should just get along and let people do what they want with regards to their own personal lives. These elections should really be focused on things like the economy and the country’s medical system but as of late they can’t be since everyone is so wrapped up in social issues like racism, sexism and same-sex marriage sometimes it can be hard to focus on those things. I think the focus is much more positive now a days with a greater push for same-sex marriage and so on and so forth and hopefully we will get to a point where everyone is ok with policies like these and we can focus on other things like the economy during a recession.

In the famous words of the band War, “why can’t we be friends?”.

5 responses to “Why The Republican Party Cannot Win an Election

  1. You have articulated the core of the post-modern political identity that the Pew typology sussed out.

    Karl Rove knew in 2000 and 2004 that Republicans needed a way to court Hispanic voters. The GOP can not be a national party without a broader coalition.

    However, I personally would not say that progress is always forward. I think it can be a mirage to think that our society is always getting “better.” For example, in terms of income inequality, the data are clear: we are more unequal now than we were in the 1960s and 1970s.

    There have been huge strides in acceptance of homosexuals. But what I’ll call progress in one area does not translate into progress always. Republicans tried to run against Obama signing the Lilly Leadbetter act which guaranteed fair pay for women doing the same job as men. Which leads me to say: “Really? You gonna go with that?” Democrats have been in the White House for 12 of the last 20 years. However, the epidemic of incarceration among Black men is as high as ever.

    Meanwhile, I wouldn’t break your arm patting Obama on the back. He supported the silly Defense of Marriage Act until earlier this year.

    Just saying that nothing in social trends or change is guaranteed. In this way, I am like Rorty. I don’t believe in grand, sweeping narratives or arcs of history.

  2. But if you legalize gay marriage, then people will start marrying other things, like dogs and pillows! I’m just playing devil’s advocate of course, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Republicans need to stop trying to appeal to those who are uneducated and afraid of change. They should stop talking about topics that will eventually be non-issues (like the ones you mentioned). Until they do this, the Republican party will drive away too many voters to win an election. Also, here’s a good comic that has helped me when debating people who believe that my initial statement is a possibility (for fun).

  3. ok well to go off of Brian’s previous comment, I think 1. Democrats are the ones who are targeting those who are uneducated to vote. Look at Obama’s track record and find me some reasons why he was re-elected. Literally, because some people in this country have are so close minded that their only reason to vote is for totally un-related reasons.
    2. I am willing to bet that Republicans win the next race. Just watch, the social issues are a bunch of crap. I am not even going to get into gay marriage, but I will gladly speak my mind on abortion. You know what the issue with Liberals are? They are constantly looking for people to take the blame and responsibility for people’s actions. Abortion is a PRIME example as to how people are so immature and irresponsible. If you think you are mature enough to have sex (and you participate in the act knowingly/willingly) then you should be able to accept the possible consequences. The republican party clearly states that is believes if a woman becomes pregnant (with the exception of rape, life of the mother, or incest) that the child should have the right to live and that it should not be punished for the parents lack of responsibility.

    • Chris, Republicans are likely to win seats in Congress or the Presidency simply because power shifts between the parties historically. What may be more relevant is the historical shifts in overall positions. For example, the attacks on Planned Parenthood this cycle were far removed from the place Republicans like George Bush (41, the Father) when he made support of family planning and women’s access to health a key part of his political persona.

      Why should abortion be legal up to some point of fetal development? 1) No birth control is 100% effective. So, if you do not want to raise a child or can not afford it or you think you would do a terrible job, isn’t an abortion “taking responsibility?”
      2) A women is pregnant, early. Her husband divorces her. Divorce is one of the leading causes of poverty. She has two kids already. She does not think she can adequately care for the new baby. She is being irresponsible to end the pregnancy?
      3) A 14 year old is raped by her father. Is she supposed to “prove” it was incest before she can have an abortion? How would you imagine a system to prove paternity that can protect her?

      Basically, we can not know all the reasons why a woman might choose to end a pregnancy. Once we let laws or outsiders make private decisions that are yes moral and medical, as well as practical, emotional, and economic, then we have stepped far away from protecting the liberty of individuals.

      Does a fetus have rights? When is it a person? Roe v. Wade struck a compromise about when. At some point we confer some rights on the unborn. And any choice of when is going to be political and not make everyone happy.

  4. This topic was, ironically, discussed at Thanksgiving dinner this year. Not pleasant, but a few of my uncles were too over served. They were moaning and groaning about the outcome of the election, but, throughout the discussion, I discovered that most the young people at the table shared the same views. We didn’t agree with Republican social views. While it would be difficult for one President to overturn Roe v. Wade, a Republican President could appoint extremely conservative Supreme Court justices, etc. Anyways, my point is that the Republican social views don’t appeal to young people as much anymore. Post modern social standards have shifted and made it difficult for exclusive political views to thrive in this country the way they used to. Maybe it is political correctness; but, regardless, I completely agree with you, Nick.

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