Capital Punishment: Who is paying the price?


Capital punishment is the most expensive, and burdensome punishment used in our judicial system today.  With 33 U.S. states still implementing the death penalty the United States remains in the minority of countries who have been in opposition to international efforts aimed at abolishing capital punishment.  Despite tight federal regulation of cases in which capital punishment can be administered there is still much ambiguity in terms of what specific crimes justify the death penalty.  Furthermore, great inequities exist in the ability of offenders to properly defend their cases due to the high cost of capital punishment cases, and racial and ethnic bias.

Overall, this method of punishment is difficult to administer with the degree of justice, and equality necessitated by the United States judicial system.  For this reason I am petitioning you, the United States Department of Justice to abolish the use of capital punishment in the United States.

Its regulation has become too difficult, its costs have become too expensive, and its benefits have failed to present themselves.  As a concerned citizen, I implore you to consider the evidence presented below in your decision on whether or not to continue the use of this unjust, anachronistic administration of justice in our great country.


[For Full Paper Click Here]


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