Addressing Illegal Immigration

For my white paper I chose to research the current immigration system, as well as trends in illegal immigration, primarily among the Mexican population.  My findings were extremely informative, and taught me a number of things I didn’t know before.  The system itself is archaic and in need of overhaul; for example, no country can represent more than 7 percent of the total legal immigration population annually, even though hispanic people already comprise 15 percent of our population! 

Additionally, my research into socio-economic conditions revealed a situation worse than I previously thought.  The drug violence is killing civilians at an alarming rate, and 33 percent of the population is either unemployed or working for less than 14 dollars a day.  It becomes apparent why so many Mexicans would attempt to enter the United States each year.

I offer two solutions, which you can choose to look into if you want on the white paper archive.  They won’t neccessarily solve the immigration crisis, but they could feasibly help it immensly.  This is an issue that’s close to my heart, as my grandpa was a Mexican immigrant, and one that I found rewarding to research.  If you choose to read it, I hope your feel the same.

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