Legalize Mash-Up Music: White Paper Teaser

How many of you enjoy mash-up music? This might be a bold statement but I’d say more than 50% of Bucknell’s campus enjoy mash-up music in some way, shape, or form. Did you know that there are no copyright laws that specifically say that mash-up music is legal? Did you also know that there have been many instances of lawsuits or near lawsuits brought against mash-up artists for simply expressing themselves through a new musical genre?


As a mash-up artist myself, I thought that a closer look into the copyright laws within the United States and how they affect the mash-up genre would be a perfect topic for my white paper. My paper is a full examination of what mashups are, how they are made and what they represent. It is also an examination of the copyright laws within the U.S. and how Section 107 of these laws (fair use) actually gives mash-up artists the right to create their works of art.

The copyright laws within the U.S. are outdated and have not kept up with the technological advancements of our society. There is also an imbalance of power within the music industry where they use the copyright laws to control creativity and the evolution of music. There must be a “remix” of the U.S. copyright laws so that any conflicts arising with mash-up music in the future can be easily resolved, hopefully in favor of the mash-up artists.


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