Obamacare White Paper

“A comprehensive analysis of various issues pertaining to Obamacare, including tax ramifications, individual coverage issues, and increases in waiting periods to see physicians. This report is meant to provide evidence that this health care policy reform was enacted to the detriment of millions of U.S. citizens, as well as to provide recommendations for positive systemic change.”

In an effort to reiterate the importance of a persisting issue to the United States Congress, this report contains conclusive evidence that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act poses a great threat to the American people. The act was created with good intentions, yet the ramifications of its passage and implementation have the potential to effectively cripple our already struggling economy. The health care industry has been almost irreparably damaged throughout the past few decades, and has been affected tremendously by this recent economic crisis. Governmental measures have been taken to address the issues at hand. However, more must still be done. In order to accomplish the end goal of creating a strong and stable health care system, it is crucial for further measures to be taken. In this report, I will argue for the reconstruction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by Congress by providing substantial evidence as well policy reform recommendations.


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