Performance Enhancing Drugs: Why Steroids and Baseball Are a Dangerous Combination

The presence of performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball poses a legitimate question of whether testing should be done or not to prevent steroid use.  From a societal standpoint, steroids can have negative effects not only on the health of the professional athletes using them, but also on the young athletes that they influence.  Baseball purists say that players who use PEDs ruin the integrity of the game and do not respect the tradition associated with it. Despite this norm, however, there are certain benefits from steroid use for both players and organizations that make them all but irresistible.  Players that use steroids usually experience increased production in terms of statistics, and therefore receive higher salaries.  Home runs and one hundred mile-per-hour fastballs create excitement and lead to an increase in revenues for franchises. Although the potential benefits are intriguing, the costs outweigh them dramatically because of the potential health risks associated with the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. Due to the damage done to athletes, to baseball, and to society as a whole, this report has found that the issue of steroids continues to pose a very serious threat despite recent developments in PED regulation.  Essentially, PED testing should be more strictly enforced and league policy should be tightened to not only prevent steroid use in baseball, but to encourage the education of young athletes in the long-term consequences of steroid abuse.


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