Proposal 2: Arguments against Legalizing Marijuana


When discussing the topic of legalizing marijuana, there are many arguments against it:

Right now people use marijuana less than tobacco and Alcohol. It was found that people use tobacco approximately four times as much as marijuana and people use alcohol close to nine times as much. It shows that the law is working in keeping the use of marijuana down. Legalization would probably make the use of the drug skyrocket. Leagalizing it would increase misuse of the drug.

Costs outweigh the benefits. The The White House of National Drug Control Policy points out, “The healthcare and criminal justice costs associated with alcohol and tobacco far surpass the tax revenue they generate, and little of the taxes collected on these substances is contributed to the offset of their substantial social and health costs.” The opposing view thinks that the same would happen for marijuana use. They believe the health costs would far outweigh the revenue from taxes on marijuana.

Arrest rates will not decline. Like Colorado and Washington State, marijuana would be regulated like alcohol making 21 the legal age. With more people using it because of the legality of the drug, there will be more arrests of underage, driving under the influence, and public use depending on state laws. Also criminal organizations would not be affected by the legalization. With high taxing on the drug, the organizations would just sell at lower prices. Instead of shutting them out, the organizations could actually grow.

            Many people opposed to the drug think it is a gateway drug. One Yale study found that marijuana users are 2.5 times more likelyto use illegal prescription drugs than non marijuana users. Although this was found, there are no other conclusive studies that suggest this.


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