White Paper Teaser: Amateurism is Over

Pay-the-playersThe NCAA is currently facing a difficult scenario. An organization that stresses the ideas of amateurism and school spirit, the NCAA is currently experiencing a time where there needs to be changes made. Between their studies and athletics, big time college athletes put in endless hours for their universities. These universities, as well as the NCAA and other organizations, generate millions of dollars from their athletes hard work, and how much do they repay them? 0.

Because of rules established by the NBA and the NFL, high school stand out athletes are required to attend at least one year in college before entering the professional world. This causes many students, who are not interested in their studies, attend and usually become a distraction at school. There are many issues with the currently status of college athletics, and it is only evolving further from the NCAA’s original goals of amateurism. I have created a plan that will create a new college sports league that will be a hybrid of today’s NCAA and today’s professional sports leagues. Although my goal will solve multiple problems the NCAA faces today, the main goal is to compensate big time college athletes.


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