White Paper Teaser: States Making Strides


Marijuana is undoubtedly the most widely used illegal drug in the country and the debate of whether it should be legal or not has gone on for decades.  People who are against the legalization claim it to be harmful to the body and to society. Advocates of the drug feel otherwise. The views from both sides are interesting to hear from because they completely contradict each other in many ways. For instance, the opposing side claims marijuana causes anxiety and depression, while the advocates say it does the complete opposite. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground between the sides. Either you think the drug is awful for society, or you think it’s beneficial.

The debate has heat up recently with Colorado and Washington State making strides in voting for the legality of marijuana on November 6th 2012. Other strides have also been made with more states opening medical marijuana stores. The future looks bright for advocates. More states are now considering making recreational use of the drug legal. States such as California, Illinois, New York, and Ohio are now pending legislation to legalize the drug. It seems like states are agreeing more with weed supporters lately than people who oppose it. Time will only tell who wins the debate.

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