Paper 2

Once you have finished your Paper 2, paste the title of the blog post here by your name.  You will need to click on ‘edit’ for this page.

Nicola Beaumont Paper 2 – CEO Compensation
Alexis Birnberg Paper 2: Eileen’s Ethics – Proving Socially Responsible Practices Are Possible
Lindsey Bridgham  Paper 2- Beyond the Coffee: The Ethics of Starbucks
Joshua Briskman
Brett Carr Paper 2 Ryanair: Cheapest In The Sky
Alyssa Chasanoff
Paper 2: Nestle Neglects its Social Responsibility
Hunter Church
Michael Contreras
James Curtiss Paper 2: Campaign Finance Reform
Laura Daverio
Meaghan Fitzpatrick  

Social and Economic Benefits. Can a Company do both?
Jamie Lapides
Kathleen Lenox
Bob Manning
Tara McCann Paper 2- Google: Is the Invasion of Privacy Necessary for Innovation?
Felicia Mgbada  Flying Cheap
Robert Rooke
Ariel Savrin-Jacobs  L’Oreal and the Grandes Ecoles Elite Class
Brian Shoener  Paper 2: Nintendo: A Stakeholder Approach to Problem Solving
Kyle Shrivastava  Teaching From America…And Learning From It
Christopher Spahr
Nicholas Stetz
Mara Upson  The Hallmark-Westland Beef Recall: You Can’t Abuse What You Eat

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