The Cuban Issue: A Closer Look at the Trade Embargo (white paper teaser)


America has long been admired for her unconquerable success, profound care for others and inspirational precedent set in a number of historic endeavors. As citizens of this outstanding country, we have had the privilege of experiencing the good times and bad, all under the protection of liberty and justice for all. What we as Americans have a hard time accepting, however, are the times that we stumble, the times that we fail, and the times that we leave unsightly pieces behind.

I present this white paper to you, members of Congress, to shed light upon and call your undivided attention to consider one of the pieces you have left behind. The piece I am referring to is the bitter trade embargo we have waged against the country of Cuba for the last half a century despite the grand downfall of the Soviet Union. The island of Cuba, just 90 miles off of our shore, has undergone unfair treatment long enough as have the people of the United States because of your policy. This white paper will reveal the clandestine harm that this Cold War relic is causing us; delve into our nation’s complex dealings with the Cuban people, the reasons our approach has continuously failed to induce viable change, and explain why the time has come to eliminate the Cuban trade embargo.


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